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Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH is a German manufacturer of outdoor equipment based in Heilsbronn, Germany, which specializes in waterproof bags. Ortlieb is a leading manufacturer of waterproof panniers for bicycles.

In addition to bicycle accessories, Ortlieb also produces outdoor, trekking, and expedition equipment for water sports and motorcycles. Special shoulder bags and backpacks are offered for bicycle messenger.

Julian Strahan posted a review on Amazon in October 2019 after buying an Ortlieb´s product:

"Would be a great product if it wasn't for the difficulty in closing it and loss of usable space. You can only fill the bag about halfway because the only way to latch the clasps is the roll half the bag down so the hardware can latch together. They should have made the straps much longer, to allow for the bag to hold more."


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Bastek says

"Utter rubbish bicycle bags disintegrate after couple of years. If you Contact Ortlieb customer service they tell you to buy the broken parts yourself as there is a 5 warranty? Great service no more Ortlieb rubbish for me"

Londoner says

"Whilst I'm an existing Ortlieb owner and recognise the quality of their products, I am absolutely horrified with their customer services. I wrote to them recently a couple of different times asking polite queries about particular products I was interested in purchasing and about their repairs services. I got massively rude, dismissive, and totally irrelevant and helpful responses from two different customer service reps. Totally inclined to take all future business elsewhere!! They are by no means the only quality bike bag company out there."

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